The Technical Skills Development Programme is an initiative of the Rivers State Sustainable Development Agency (RSSDA). This programme was conceived as part of efforts to tackle the high level of youth unemployment in the State.

The high level of youth unemployment in Rivers State has been attributed partly to the fact that the youths of the State lack relevant skills required by Oil and Gas multinationals that abound in the State. As a result, only a handful has been employed in these companies, skilled personnel are predominantly foreigners, which include Filipinos, Koreans, Indonesians etc. There is an urgent need to train our youths in the same special skills and make them employable by the multinationals.

Objectives of the Skills Acquisition Programme

·         Establishment of a well-equipped and staffed workmanship and technical training center at Rivers State Polytechnic, Bori.

·         Ensuring that the WTTC becomes a hub to anchor best practice and also provide refresher courses and a demonstration site for all other technical schools in the Rivers State

·         Providing facilities that will ensure that staff (including expatriate) employed and trained find Bori comfortable enough to sustain the WTTC programme for years to come.


The RSSDA/UNITAR technical skills training program is to provide a technical and vocational training program with internationally recognized certificates that will give the Rivers State youths a qualitative advantage in the employable workforce in the Oil and Gas industry and also enable them work anywhere in the world. In pursuant to this goal, RSSDA entered into a Special Purpose Grant Agreement with UNITAR.

UNITAR is an autonomous body of the United Nations System. The organization is governed by a Board of Trustees and is headed by an Executive Director who is an Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations. UNITAR’s mission is to deliver innovative training and conduct research on knowledge systems to develop the capacity of beneficiaries. UNITAR has been collaborating with States, Local Authorities and corporate entities in the Niger Delta region in areas of training and capacity building for sustainable development.

The role of UNITAR in this partnership is to secure admission for the successful 80 candidates in Automation, Instrumentation, Drilling and Welding in RKK-Rogaland Training & Education Centre in Norway and Namibia. RKK- Rogaland Training & Education Centre is a Norwegian institute specialized in providing world-class technical skills with campuses in different countries.

UNITAR will sponsor and provide fellowships for 20 of the candidates, while the other 60 will be sponsored by RSSDA.


RSSDA has also established a strategic partnership with the Rivers State Polytechnic at Bori to realize the Workmanship Technical Training Centre (WTTC). Under this partnership arrangement, the Polytechnic is to provide the land and environment for the establishment of the WTTC, while RSSDA is to provide the process and the product the WTTC. In addition to establishing the WTTC at Bori to ascertain and ensure that most facilities provided are accessible to the Polytechnic, particularly teaching and learning materials and WTTC workshops.


There are two partners namely, City and Guild & the Eagle Scientific both of London. The two bodies are to support in the design, certify and equip the WTTC project.

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