Rivers State Scholarship and Job Placement

Rivers State Sustainable Development Agency is the site for finding international scholarship programs, skill training, and job placement for undergraduate students, former students looking to re-enter the job market with newly acquired skills or continuing their education, military personnel looking for employment, and any individual in need of our services.

We guide our clients in the process of finding educational institutions, training centres, and employment agencies that help our clients find work and additional skills and training as needed. The job placement department of a school or  any similar institution normally have representatives that work with students to find occupation leads and assist in developing important job skills such as interview skills. Employment agencies and social service institutions work with job applicants and to find satisfactory occupations and vocational work. The military also helps former soldiers and find appropriate careers or needed skill training following their service in the military.

job training

A Rivers State Sustainable Development Agency associate will help you identify and develop appropriate training, scholarship funding, and job seeking strategies, depending on your educational background, interests, career choice, skill levels, and personal circumstances. Some of our programs include resume writing, developing interview techniques, and creating strategies to finding job leads that have already been vetted by our in-house experts. We have several departments that can also help our clients secure internships, scholarships, grants, on-going education, work-study opportunities, and part-time employment.

In the United States alone, there are billions of dollars allocated to scholarships and grants but most people do not know how to apply or qualify for these. Watch this video to learn more about how to land a college scholarship.


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