Frequently Asked Questions


Question: I had a higher score than someone else who was selected and I was not selected, why?

Answer: This is possible if both of you are not from the same LGA. The cut- off mark differs; it may have been higher in yours than his/hers. If both of you are from the same LGA and you chose different courses, it may have been that the course chosen was more competitive than his/hers.

Question: Only three persons were chosen from my Local Government Area (LGA) while another LGA had up to 5 persons, why?

Answer: All LGAs had equal chances of 3 each. However, there were 2 chances given to absolute merit irrespective of LGA. Any LGA with more than three chances got the extra through the absolute merit list.

Question: How were the beneficiaries selected?

Answer: After the selection test, the highest 20 scores overall were selected. Thereafter the highest 10 scores from each LGA were also selected. These 250 persons sat for the alternative to practical test and oral interview. Their scores in all three tests were weighted and ranked. The highest scoring 2 were selected in to the merit list. Thereafter the highest 3 for each LGA, 1 for each skill were selected.

Question: Are there guaranteed jobs for the successful candidates after graduation?

Answer: Neither RSSDA nor UNITAR can guarantee jobs at this point, however efforts shall be made to explore employment opportunities in the relevant companies in the State and beyond.

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