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Rivers State Sustainable Development Agency (RSSDA)

Human Capital Development division is one of the cores of the Agency. It is geared towards improving the human capital base of Rivers indigenes through target programmes, which include the Overseas undergraduate scholarship, ICT training, Greater Horizon and Opportunities Programme, Overseas Technical Training programme etc.

At RSSDA, we do that exactly. We find you international scholarship grants to get you back in school. We help train you to acquire the necessary technical skills you will need. And we assist you in finding that job for you. Simple as that.

Most people have a lot of questions about scholarships, especially international scholarships. To answer most of those questions, we found this great video that addresses most of those questions and concerns.

We have a staff of people at RSSDA just waiting to help with your continuing education, training, and finding that career that is suitable to you.

How do we help you find overseas undergraduate scholarships, ICT training, and opportunities? We have established close working relationships with a large number of international scholarship programmes, and technical institutes that supply us with their needs and availability for both scholarship and training positions in their respective industries. Once you sign up with us, our staff will help you with your overseas scholarship program while also working closely with placement representatives in other agencies as we are also a member of their network. We also discuss your long-term career goals. Based on the objectives you give us and your background and credentials, we will arrange for your interviews with matched schools and technical institutes that have open positions for which you’re qualified.

If you want to learn more about Scholarships, Skills Acquisition, Graduates Work Experience Placement Schemes, and our Greater Horizon Opportunities Program, you can visit each section on this website to learn more on how to apply for each.

job interview

job interview

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